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The Village

If you’re thinking of visiting M. Knight Shyamalan”s “The Village”, I’d suggest waiting until it’s cheaper. For those of you who haven’t been following the buzz on this film, it centers around the 19th century New England village of Covington. The Village is only a few decades old, founded by the eight elders of this village. When the built the village, they made a pact with the creatures that live in the woods that surround their village, that they would stay out of the woods, if the creatures stay out of the Village.

The creatures haven’t entered the Village in many years, but the noises from the woods serve as a constant reminder not to enter. A local retarded boy is discovered to have entered on multiple occasions, and Lucius (Joauqin Pheonix), decides that since he was safe due to his innocence, Lucius may be able to travel through the woods to visit the towns to get medicine to help the people of the Village. The elders are unwilling to give Lucius permission, however.

With the generic plot summary aside, this movie was a huge letdown. The dialouge felt pretty lousy, and due to this the acting was amazingly bad. Due to how forced everything was, it was almost impossible to get drawn into the story. In addition, the ‘twist’ the Shyamalan is known for was really uninteresting, and almost cliched. It wasn’t necessarily given away until it was meant to be, but it wasn’t really a surprise either.

Since I don’t want to give away the secret to this film, I’ll leave my review at this point. The acting was lousy, the script was worse, and the story wasn”t very intriguing. The environments looked good, and the cinematography was alright.

2/5 - I wouldn’t suggest you watch this film in the theater.

Out and about

Thom came to Bozeman yesterday and picked me up after I finished work. We went and hung out in Bozeman, and I was looking to pick up some glassware. Just a set of wine glasses, beer glasses, shot glasses, and tumblers. I hadn’t liked what I’d seen at the Wal-Mart, so we decided to swing by Baker Street in the Mall. They had some nice glasses there, but at an average of about $7.00 a glass, I wasn’t quite comfortable spending that. So we went to Target and I got a pretty nice set of glasses. :dance:

Thom treated me to lunch at Fuddruckers. It’s a weird place because it mixes Fast Food and real restaurant in how it feels, still the burgers are excellent. I hadn’t really eaten that day, so I decided to have a 1/2 lb burger. Bad idea. That is a lot of beef. I can’t even imagine why someone would order a 1 lb burger, but Fuddruckers offers it.

Once we got back we hung out with Jaimie for a bit, went for a walk and the like. Thom seems to be getting fed up with her a little. Even my most germaphobic friends have never been as afraid of human contact as that girl. She has some major trust issues, she needs to grow up. I’m not to the point of simply not hanging out with her, I’m more patient than most people realize, or maybe I’m just too curious as to why she behaves this way. It’s certainly never been cute though.

Damn gross people

Okay, I’d be an idiot if I claimed I was the shining example of cleanliness. I tend to be very cluttered in my workspace. It’s how us geniuses operate.

Apparently, Alex and Paul know a guy that had a shitload of beer bottles. The guy had just been chucking them onto his balcony for a while, I understand. At first I was thinking, “Cool, a bunch of free beer bottles for my brewing. Awesome.” Then I got the bottles.

Now, I appreciate Alex and Paul going and collecting all these, I really do. But aside from the flies and the mystery slime that came out of a lot of the bottles, there are these bizarre sediment deposits on the insides of many of them that are really hard to dislodge. I think I’m going to go through the bottles and decide which are most easily salvaged, trash the rest, and then go hit up the local bars since those bottles should be much cleaner, or at least fresher.


I really don’t watch all that much TV. Most of the programming is bad enough, I just can’t really get into it. Every so often a series comes and goes that I never really get into, and later find out I really should have. Firefly is one of those series’.

I’d been hearing about Firefly for a while, so when I found it on-line for download, I downloaded the first couple of episodes, and then went out and bought the DVD. The series was that good, regardless of the fact that it never completed it’s first season.

Firefly is Science Fiction from a different angle. There are spaceships, yes, but people dress in Western-wear, use older firearms, and speak chinese. The world is ours, 500 years in the future. Earth has been destroyed, and humans are spread accross the galaxy on various terraformed planets and moons. The crew of the Firefly Serenity are people who aren’t all that found of the current government, so they work in secret around the borders of Alliance space.

This was a great series. It was shot in such a fashion that you feel you are there, the characters are interesting and have a great chemistry. I’m pretty upset that the show is dead, because there was so much story left to be told, and so many adventures that could have been had. FOX, fuck you for killing one of the best shows you’ve broadcasted in the past decade.

Sushi Run!

Well, Cory decided to come into Bozeman today, so we went out to Dave’s Sushi for lunch with Jaimie. Jaimie did a surprisingly good job with the chopsticks ;). Dave’s is pretty cool, it’s a nice small place, the Sushi is good, and cheaper than the other (good) Sushi places in Bozeman. Of course, it’s still about twice as expensive as what I can pay in Spokane, but that’s why I don’t go there that often, unfortunately.

Road Trip to Livingston

God, Risk is an interesting game. Jaimie and I decided to go to Livingston to visit Thom, and we played Risk over a batch of fruit smoothies. I must say this Smoothie Supply Shopping Trip went much better than the last time we went on one. We were out of the store in probably half the time. It was still too long, but much shorter.

The Risk was fun, I controlled Africa and almost all of Asia for a while, and Thom and I traded South America a few times. In various battles, I became weak, and got my ass stomped by Thom. It happens. I must say it was nice to get out of Bozeman for a bit, though Jaimie and I didn’t get back to Bozeman until about 4am due to a small excursion to the Livingston Truck Stop. I’ve seen nicer truck stops, but this place wasn’t too bad.

Anyway, we’ll need to do something like that again sometime soon.

Requiem for a Dream

Requiem is a very interesting film. Alex had been bugging Paul and I about watching this for a while. Apparently, this is his old pothead roommate’s favorite movie. While I woudln’t go that far, Requiem is a very interesting look into drug addiction, and how it can affect anyone.

Honestly, it’s kind of a hard film to watch. It begins with the son stealing his mothers television, so he can pawn it for money to go buy Heroin. In an interesting use of the seasons as a story-telling device, as the Summer begins, things start going really well for the son and mother. He’s making money selling heroin on the street, she’s excited because she thinks she’s going to be on television. Mom starts losing weight, dying her hair, trying to make herself look young again.

But the seasons turn. Summer can’t last forever, and things end up falling apart for all the characters. As Winter begins they all just look forward to summmer by remembering how great the summer was.

There have been few films that gave what I believe is an accurate representation of Drug Addiction. True, not everyone who does drugs will have the problems with addiction detailed in the film, but many will. The movie was well shot, the acting was good, and it was a film that inspired some thought. Far from a favorite film of mine, but I’d suggest watching it.