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Saved! is the story of a Baptist Christian School in the Northeast US. It tells of a girl by the name of Mary who become pregnant while trying to save her Homosexual boyfriend, Dean. Clearly, something this bad happening while doing the work of God is going to have horrible effects on a person who has been “born again [their] entire life.”

At the beginning of the movie, Mary’s life is great (except for the Dean-being-Gay thing): she’s a member of the Christian Jewels (a ‘Girl Gang’ for Jesus), great friends with Hilary-Faye (the most righteous girl in school), and about to graduate from American Eagles (the aforementioned Baptist school). After becoming pregnant, she begins to feel that perhaps her faith failed her, and she spends the rest of the film trying to deal with her waning faith.

This was a very entertaining film. Some great one-liners from Once-Great-Child-Star Macaulay Culkin and Susan Sorandon’s daughter, make for a highly entertaining show. Of course, you can’t do a movie about religion without having some sort of a message. The message ends up being one about tolerance for differences between people, which many highly religious people seem to lack.

Overall, a very good film, I’d say one worth purchasing. 9/10

Hooray for the Judicial System

In the RHA, I am the Vice President of Personnel, which basically means that in addition the taking over the President’s “Job” when she can’t do it, I also lay the smack down on MSU IRHA Officers who aren’t pulling their own weight, and chair the Judicial Appeals Board.

The Residence Hall Judicial System here at Montana State University is interesting in that the students have a HUGE say in how Judicial situations are handled. Between the Hall Judicial Boards which first hear and decide on cases and sanctioning, and the Interhall Appeals Board, we get a lot of opportunity to help sculpt and shape the disciplinary policy for the Res Halls here at MSU. Sure, we have to work within the Universities system, but it is still a great opporunity.

Anyway, tonight we had our first meeting of the Appeals Board, and while a few of the VPs weren’t there, it went really well. We had some good discussion, and came to what I feel were fair decisions. A few of the people I was unsure about, I’m not so much anymore. For a bunch of Freshman these guys were really on top of things, and were pretty sure about what we were doing, I’m happy.

William Shatner - Has Been

You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You callin’ me, has been?

Why, yes, Bill. I am. You’ve hardly done anything of note since the seventies when you were on Star Trek, and you’re music career has been, well, humourous.

What’d you say your name is? Jack Never done jack

Hey Bill, no reason to get personal, is there? Just because I’ve never been on TV doesn’t mean I can’t recognize the fact that your career has been pretty damn stupid over the years.

Riding on their armchairs They dream of wealth and fame Fear is their companion Nintendo is their game Never done jack and two thumbs Don And sidekick don’t say dick Will laugh at others failures Though they have not done shit

Yeah, well, that’s the job of the Critic, even the unpaid one. Actually, Has Been is a great album. Starting off with a cover of “Common People,” that is far better than the original, and ending with the almost touching “Real,” Shatner has made an Album that flows really well, and is entertaining, and not in the same way that Tambourine Man was entertaining.

As with Shatner’s previous offerings, this is mostly a spoken word album with some music to accompany him. It seems that this particular album depends more on the real musicians than on Shatner’s unique style, but in the end, it works really well.

Has been was Has been might again

That you might, Bill, that you might. I give this album a 8.5/10, it’s definitely worth a listen.

Yay! I have a Personality!

So, last night, Kerison comes on to #partyhard and whines a little because he was told by eHarmony.com that they would be completely unable to match him becuase he falls in the 20% of individuals that they find hopeless or something. So, to prove that I have a better personality than Kerison I spent the next hour or so working on that damn profile.

After finally completing it, I was pleased to notice that I was not outright rejected (though they have yet to find any personality matches). It’s also interesting to note that there the profile pretty correctly matched my personality, or at least what I believe my personality to be. Actually, that fact is just a bit depressing :(

Anyway, I’ve linked this entry to the stuff on my website about my eHarmony experience, which I’ll be updating as matches come in, not that I really expect to meet anyone on this.

Why I hate CS 474

The Computer Science department here at Montana State University came up with this great idea my Freshman year. They introduced a class that they started requiring for seniors called CS474 - Consulting. The idea was that they’d get senior level CS students to help answer questions and aide a TA during a lab section for a Freshman/Sophomore level course. Great idea, right? I’d thought so.

But now, I’m at the point where I’m having to be a Consultant for a CS160 - Intro to Computer Science lab, and it sucks. Now, to be fair to the students in that lab, a decent percentage of them are not CS students, they’re taking this course for other reasons. However, this just means that the majority of them don’t have a fucking clue what they’re doing.

We’re seven weeks into a Java-based Lab course, and I have students who still don’t understand what a gorram method is. Seven weeks programming, and several are making the same scoping mistakes week after week. I’m usually pretty patient when explaining things. Years of trying to tell my Dad how to use the various electronic devices has taught me quite a bit of patience, even if I don’t always use it. But it just becomes so difficult when I’m answering the same question week after week for these people because they clearly aren’t at all invested in the class.

So please, when you take a course, try to be invested enough in it to actually learn the material. It will protect the sanity of those who are trying to help you.

Welcome Back Google

Welcome back to my Google Subscribers. I know I broke compatibility pretty seriously when I moved to Movable Type, but it should be syndicating correctly for you readers again. I just had to drop a script in to handle the redirect for you guys.


God damn, Assembly can be a pain in the ass.

For CS330 today, we had to implement a function to Read a character in from the Keyboard, and then output it to the screen in Decimal and Binary. Not too hard, especially since Year-Back gave us the necessary code in lecture today.

Still, I had to spend 45 minutes trying to figure out why the code was arbitrarily dropping numbers. I finally found it. I had this:

cmp dl,'0'
jl A6
cmp al,'9'
jg A6

So, why was I comparing against DL the first time and AL the second time? I don’t know either. Lesson of the day: watch what you’re fucking typing.

Look into the eyes....

Bush Blinking

Watch the hypnotic gaze…

So, I’m still kind of undecided in this election. I’m not as upset about the War in Iraq as most people. I think it needed to be done, but the lying about the reasons behind the war is getting a little old. The Bush Administration has had honesty issues that made Clinton look like ole Honest Abe.

However, I’m not fully convinced that Kerry is a good alternative. I’m probably going to vote for Kerry, but I’m just not convinced he’s the best candidate for the job. What I’d really like to see is a viable Third Party Candidate. Maybe when there is one that isn’t nuts…