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Damn gross people

Okay, I'd be an idiot if I claimed I was the shining example of cleanliness. I tend to be very cluttered in my workspace. It's how us geniuses operate.

Apparently, Alex and Paul know a guy that had a shitload of beer bottles. The guy had just been chucking them onto his balcony for a while, I understand. At first I was thinking, "Cool, a bunch of free beer bottles for my brewing. Awesome." Then I got the bottles.

Now, I appreciate Alex and Paul going and collecting all these, I really do. But aside from the flies and the mystery slime that came out of a lot of the bottles, there are these bizarre sediment deposits on the insides of many of them that are really hard to dislodge. I think I'm going to go through the bottles and decide which are most easily salvaged, trash the rest, and then go hit up the local bars since those bottles should be much cleaner, or at least fresher.