Mad, Beautiful Ideas

I really don't watch all that much TV. Most of the programming is bad enough, I just can't really get into it. Every so often a series comes and goes that I never really get into, and later find out I really should have. Firefly is one of those series'.

I'd been hearing about Firefly for a while, so when I found it on-line for download, I downloaded the first couple of episodes, and then went out and bought the DVD. The series was that good, regardless of the fact that it never completed it's first season.

Firefly is Science Fiction from a different angle. There are spaceships, yes, but people dress in Western-wear, use older firearms, and speak chinese. The world is ours, 500 years in the future. Earth has been destroyed, and humans are spread accross the galaxy on various terraformed planets and moons. The crew of the Firefly Serenity are people who aren't all that found of the current government, so they work in secret around the borders of Alliance space.

This was a great series. It was shot in such a fashion that you feel you are there, the characters are interesting and have a great chemistry. I'm pretty upset that the show is dead, because there was so much story left to be told, and so many adventures that could have been had. FOX, fuck you for killing one of the best shows you've broadcasted in the past decade.