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Out and about

Thom came to Bozeman yesterday and picked me up after I finished work. We went and hung out in Bozeman, and I was looking to pick up some glassware. Just a set of wine glasses, beer glasses, shot glasses, and tumblers. I hadn't liked what I'd seen at the Wal-Mart, so we decided to swing by Baker Street in the Mall. They had some nice glasses there, but at an average of about $7.00 a glass, I wasn't quite comfortable spending that. So we went to Target and I got a pretty nice set of glasses. :dance:

Thom treated me to lunch at Fuddruckers. It's a weird place because it mixes Fast Food and real restaurant in how it feels, still the burgers are excellent. I hadn't really eaten that day, so I decided to have a 1/2 lb burger. Bad idea. That is a lot of beef. I can't even imagine why someone would order a 1 lb burger, but Fuddruckers offers it.

Once we got back we hung out with Jaimie for a bit, went for a walk and the like. Thom seems to be getting fed up with her a little. Even my most germaphobic friends have never been as afraid of human contact as that girl. She has some major trust issues, she needs to grow up. I'm not to the point of simply not hanging out with her, I'm more patient than most people realize, or maybe I'm just too curious as to why she behaves this way. It's certainly never been cute though.