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Requiem for a Dream

Requiem is a very interesting film. Alex had been bugging Paul and I about watching this for a while. Apparently, this is his old pothead roommate's favorite movie. While I woudln't go that far, Requiem is a very interesting look into drug addiction, and how it can affect anyone.

Honestly, it's kind of a hard film to watch. It begins with the son stealing his mothers television, so he can pawn it for money to go buy Heroin. In an interesting use of the seasons as a story-telling device, as the Summer begins, things start going really well for the son and mother. He's making money selling heroin on the street, she's excited because she thinks she's going to be on television. Mom starts losing weight, dying her hair, trying to make herself look young again.

But the seasons turn. Summer can't last forever, and things end up falling apart for all the characters. As Winter begins they all just look forward to summmer by remembering how great the summer was.

There have been few films that gave what I believe is an accurate representation of Drug Addiction. True, not everyone who does drugs will have the problems with addiction detailed in the film, but many will. The movie was well shot, the acting was good, and it was a film that inspired some thought. Far from a favorite film of mine, but I'd suggest watching it.