Mad, Beautiful Ideas
Road Trip to Livingston

God, Risk is an interesting game. Jaimie and I decided to go to Livingston to visit Thom, and we played Risk over a batch of fruit smoothies. I must say this Smoothie Supply Shopping Trip went much better than the last time we went on one. We were out of the store in probably half the time. It was still too long, but much shorter.

The Risk was fun, I controlled Africa and almost all of Asia for a while, and Thom and I traded South America a few times. In various battles, I became weak, and got my ass stomped by Thom. It happens. I must say it was nice to get out of Bozeman for a bit, though Jaimie and I didn't get back to Bozeman until about 4am due to a small excursion to the Livingston Truck Stop. I've seen nicer truck stops, but this place wasn't too bad.

Anyway, we'll need to do something like that again sometime soon.