Mad, Beautiful Ideas
Collateral (2004)

This was a really great thriller. Tom Cruise plays a hit-man by the name of Vincent, who recruits Taxi Driver Max (Jamie Foxx) in helping him make his round. Max wasn't supposed to know what Vincent was really up to. However, in Vincent's first hit of the night, Max gets drawn into something he couldn't have been prepared for. In the end, Vincent pushes Max into not wanting to be pushed around anymore, as Max is drawn into a fight not only for his own life, but also for the life of the last target Vincent has.

I've rarely been terribly impressed with either Cruise or Foxx, however, both were able to portray their characters believably, and in an entertaining fashion. The plot was interesting, and Mann kept the story enticing with quite a few sub-climaxes to keep the movie at a powerful pitch.

In all this was a well built film, and was worth the price of admission.