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Hooray for the Judicial System

In the RHA, I am the Vice President of Personnel, which basically means that in addition the taking over the President's "Job" when she can't do it, I also lay the smack down on MSU IRHA Officers who aren't pulling their own weight, and chair the Judicial Appeals Board.

The Residence Hall Judicial System here at Montana State University is interesting in that the students have a HUGE say in how Judicial situations are handled. Between the Hall Judicial Boards which first hear and decide on cases and sanctioning, and the Interhall Appeals Board, we get a lot of opportunity to help sculpt and shape the disciplinary policy for the Res Halls here at MSU. Sure, we have to work within the Universities system, but it is still a great opporunity.

Anyway, tonight we had our first meeting of the Appeals Board, and while a few of the VPs weren't there, it went really well. We had some good discussion, and came to what I feel were fair decisions. A few of the people I was unsure about, I'm not so much anymore. For a bunch of Freshman these guys were really on top of things, and were pretty sure about what we were doing, I'm happy.