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Saved! is the story of a Baptist Christian School in the Northeast US. It tells of a girl by the name of Mary who become pregnant while trying to save her Homosexual boyfriend, Dean. Clearly, something this bad happening while doing the work of God is going to have horrible effects on a person who has been "born again [their] entire life."

At the beginning of the movie, Mary's life is great (except for the Dean-being-Gay thing): she's a member of the Christian Jewels (a 'Girl Gang' for Jesus), great friends with Hilary-Faye (the most righteous girl in school), and about to graduate from American Eagles (the aforementioned Baptist school). After becoming pregnant, she begins to feel that perhaps her faith failed her, and she spends the rest of the film trying to deal with her waning faith.

This was a very entertaining film. Some great one-liners from Once-Great-Child-Star Macaulay Culkin and Susan Sorandon's daughter, make for a highly entertaining show. Of course, you can't do a movie about religion without having some sort of a message. The message ends up being one about tolerance for differences between people, which many highly religious people seem to lack.

Overall, a very good film, I'd say one worth purchasing. 9/10