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William Shatner - Has Been

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You callin' me, has been?

Why, yes, Bill. I am. You've hardly done anything of note since the seventies when you were on Star Trek, and you're music career has been, well, humourous.

What'd you say your name is? Jack Never done jack

Hey Bill, no reason to get personal, is there? Just because I've never been on TV doesn't mean I can't recognize the fact that your career has been pretty damn stupid over the years.

Riding on their armchairs They dream of wealth and fame Fear is their companion Nintendo is their game Never done jack and two thumbs Don And sidekick don't say dick Will laugh at others failures Though they have not done shit

Yeah, well, that's the job of the Critic, even the unpaid one. Actually, Has Been is a great album. Starting off with a cover of "Common People," that is far better than the original, and ending with the almost touching "Real," Shatner has made an Album that flows really well, and is entertaining, and not in the same way that Tambourine Man was entertaining.

As with Shatner's previous offerings, this is mostly a spoken word album with some music to accompany him. It seems that this particular album depends more on the real musicians than on Shatner's unique style, but in the end, it works really well.

Has been was Has been might again

That you might, Bill, that you might. I give this album a 8.5/10, it's definitely worth a listen.