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Yay! I have a Personality!

So, last night, Kerison comes on to #partyhard and whines a little because he was told by that they would be completely unable to match him becuase he falls in the 20% of individuals that they find hopeless or something. So, to prove that I have a better personality than Kerison I spent the next hour or so working on that damn profile.

After finally completing it, I was pleased to notice that I was not outright rejected (though they have yet to find any personality matches). It's also interesting to note that there the profile pretty correctly matched my personality, or at least what I believe my personality to be. Actually, that fact is just a bit depressing :(

Anyway, I've linked this entry to the stuff on my website about my eHarmony experience, which I'll be updating as matches come in, not that I really expect to meet anyone on this.