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Spookhouse Kicked Ass

So, we had the IRHA Spoookhouse yesterday, and it was amazing. All the halls (save North Hedges, bad Mo, very very bad) had really cool rooms, and people who were excited about staffing them all night. There was a bit of stress as we prepared to get started, with performers not showing up until the last minute, However, we had our first tour going through shortly after 8:00, so we weren't very late. We had a line running across the street to Herrick Hall all night, so we did end up running until about 11:15, a bit later than planned.

However, we managed to put over 500 people through the Spookhouse and raise over $260.00 dollars for Family Outreach. All in all, a huge success for Interhall RHA.

The tour began with Hapner Hall's creepy clown exhibit. Starting out with a couple of girls dressed like 5 year olds or so, and talking about how they couldn't wait to see the clowns. Next, was a clown standing in a room, third was a clown eating some 'intestines' with plenty of screaming. Across the hall from them, was South Hedges, with a guy being hung, several dead, bloody people in Rags, and a TV down a hall with an hour and a half long video one of the guys had done with static and several images, like the bomb hitting Hiroshima, and a guy would hop up and scare them while they viewed the video.

Next, we had Langford Hall, with the "Ferret! Genetic Research Facility" which featured bars on all the rooms, and one room where 'monster' would attack a researcher, and then escape, sometimes grabbing a plant. Next was the Quads. A Lycra screen streched across a door matched the wall rather well, and the Laundry Monster caught a lot of people off guard. Finally, one of the rooms had one of their residents screaming from the side to save him, as he pulled himself in. One in, he hid, and a video of him being trapped in the TV was played. Very good.

Hannon Hall had a Black Death themed room, and Roskie had a Creepy Christmas including a crazed, murderous Santa. I didn't get a good look at either of these rooms. Mullan had a maniac with a Drill and a man being killed with a bunch of slaughtered baby dolls. North had an unmanned Snow White exhibit, and an all white room with people to step out and say "BOO".

Finally, Johnstone had a room they took the idea for from SAW. They stretched 'razorwire' all over the room, and tied a few of their residents up, and covered them in fake blood. To light it, they used two strobe lights at slightly different frequencies to add to the effect. All in all, it was awesome, and caused them to win the best room. I don't know who got second or third best.

Great night. If you came, thank you. If you didn't, well you definately missed out.