Mad, Beautiful Ideas
The Clintons - Live at Johnstone

Well, The Clintons Concert was on Thursday, and we had about 150 people pack into the Johnstone Lobby for the show, a good number of which probably weren't familiar with the Clintons before this concert.

True to form, the Clintons put on a really fun, energetic show. They played pretty much everything from their as-yet-unreleased album, and it's sounding like it will be really good. In addition they played a lot of their older stuff which is really good. Of course, some of the best stuff was from the wacky stories and stuff the guys told during the show.

After the show, I got a bit of a chance to talk to John McLellan, the Lead Singer of the Clintons. It's pretty cool, because John recognizes me, because I've been to a lot of their shows over the years, so we got to chatting about a few things. This new ablum (which will be released in Bozeman on December 1st) was completely done by the guys. They recorded and mixed everything on their own, and from what John says, it sounds professionally done. Definitely looking forward to grabbing this new EP.

Unfortunately, school work kept me from going to the after-show party at Colombo's, so I wasn't able to catch that, but I am definitely going to the EP Release show on December 1st at the Emerson Cultural Center, even if it requires skipping Interhall that night.