Mad, Beautiful Ideas
Yes, I am alive.

Okay, no updates in a while. Where should I begin?

Christmas Break went pretty well. It was long, but Catherine and I met each other's families, and that was really good. Actually, Robin (Catherine's Mom) sent me a gift for Valentine's day. A pillow case with all these hearts and stuff on it. It's very sweet, and I'll be using it. I just found it kind of funny that she'd made an effort to make it not 'girly' by making it black.

Classes have been going well. I'm probably going to be pretty busy this semster with projects. In CS450 - Compilers, our Capstone here at MSU, I was made Team Leader, so I basically have to make sure my team members are pulling their own weight, and getting their work done. At least we were able to choose our group members, so I think we'll do pretty well. CS445 - Embedded Systems has yet to really take off, since we haven't been playing with our Lego Mindstorm robots yet. Hopefully soon (acutally I think it will be next week).

My Motherboard went bye-bye. I'd been having trouble with the IDE for a while, and I think it's just toast. So, I've got a few Hard Drives that may-or-may-not be bad... It sucks, but I'll manage. Hopefully New Egg gets me my replacements soon.

Finally, I recently signed up for the SA Forums Stalker Game. Which should be a lot of fun. Congratulations on finding this so quickly, my Stalker friend, but now I have a few ground rules I'd like to lay out for you.

  1. Leave my Girlfriend alone. I signed up for this, not her.
  2. Don't be a Jerk. I really don't think this will be an issue.
  3. If you somehow discover my cell phone number, please no Text-Messages. They're expensive and stupid.
  4. My parents aren't playing this either, and I don't live there. Any phone number you find for me beginning in (509)924, won't work for me. Don't call it.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to it. Last year, my stalker really blew (but then, I sucked too), so hopefully things go better this time around.