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Life, lately

Well, it's been 10 months since my last post, and about a year since my last post with anything about me in it, so, I guess it's time for another update, while I contemplate becoming more active in my blogging.

My work for Cuda-Buffalo Apparel (now CB Apparel) eventually moved away from being an Accouting Clerk, and I became that companies IT Administrator. I left the Company in August to move to Pullman, WA to follow Catherine, who is now studying Zoology and Molecular Phylogenies at Washington State University.

As for my own work, during the day I work for Washington State University's Office of the Registrar as a Programmer for their RONet, a collection of Applications to support Registrar Office functions. The platform is ASP and MSSQL, which I was unfamiliar with, the Language was VBScript, which I was not fond of. Actually, I really like my job. It's a lot of work, but I'm programming and designing all day, and it's really, really nice.

At night I am finally doing some consulting. I've registered as a Business in Washington State, doing business as "Craig Consulting", I'm looking into a domain name for a company website. Currently my only client is CB Apparel, but I hope to push for expansion of that list.

Due to Catherine's work in Bioinformatics, I've because interested in some of the programming side of it, as the field of Molecular Phyogenetics has an intense dependence on computer systems and software. Currently, I have merely been familiarizing myself with the BioPerl suite, and writing a general purpose format converter to change a datafiles format so that other software can use it.

In web work, I really like the look of Catalsyt for Perl, but I haven't done much with it. After working with several large website that mix all their processing in with their formatting, I'm a strong believer in MVC for web applications now.