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Randy Pausch - Last Lecture

A couple of days ago, Randy Pausch, a Carnegie-Mellon University Professor in Computer Science and Virtual Reality, who was recently diagnosed with Terminal Cancer, gave a lecture for the CMU Entertainment Technology Center. It was a part of CMU's old "Last Lecture" series, where a professor is given an opportunity to give a lecture on ANYTHING they want.

We started doing it at Montana State University through Residence Life, and I thought it was a great, great program. Most professors chose to give their own take on Life's Lessons, which was always interesting, and Dr. Pausch was no exception in this presentation. He talks about Dreams. What his were, how he accomplished them (or didn't), and how he went on to help others accomplish theirs. His lecture is funny, entertaining, and heartfelt. He doesn't talk like a man who's about to die, he talks like a man who intent on living for as long as he possibly can, knowing that it isn't very long.

I really, really suggest everyone watch this video. It's nearly two hours, but it's worth every minute.