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Vista Causing More Windows Mindshare Slippage?

Rupert Goodwins, a ZDNet writer, has posted his impressions of Ubuntu compared to Vista from the perspective of a long-time Windows User. Interestingly enough, he feels that Vista changing things for the sake of change is the biggest problem with Vista. Is this another example of the Feature Creep that Jeff Atwood has been bemoaning lately?

Personally, I haven't had much of a problem with Vista. But then, I'm a long time Unix user, and even though I've worked as a Windows System Administrator, I don't consider myself to be a Windows Guru. Not by a long shot. I brought far more general systems knowledge to the table than Windows Specific stuff, and for the size and age of the network I was managing, that was fine.

Since I wasn't a Windows XP genius, the change to Vista didn't really bother me. The eye candy aspects are pretty stupid, and don't even look particularly good, especially compared to what's in Compiz. But you shouldn't get an OS because it's pretty. And there were some good changes. Roaming Profiles in XP work a lot better. They still aren't what I would consider perfect, but they are definitely much improved. Of course, it still isn't as good as Unix, where literally everything can be easily put on your profile which follows you around the office.