Mad, Beautiful Ideas
When It Rains it Pours

Last week, Richard brought me into his office. I was being offered a position with the WSU Registrar's Office. Really, it was just a one year posting in a job I was already doing, but I was really excited because with the posting, benefits were coming. That was on Monday. I assured Richard I was interested, but asked for a few day to check on some other potential opportunities.

On Friday, I finally got in touch with Biological Sciences at the University of Idaho, to check on their Computer Scientist job in IBEST. Unfortunately, it looks like they decided to interview other folks, so by Friday, I'd decided to accept the WSU position. However, Richard was out, so I had to wait until Monday to tell him.

Monday rolls around, Richard doesn't get in until 9:30, and I let him know as soon as I see him. He's still getting the paperwork written up, but there it is. By 1:30 in the afternoon, Schweitzer Engineering was on the phone with me. They had another position open (a real one this time), and wanted to talk to me. I told them the situation and that I needed a day to make a decision.

I thought about it all night. I hadn't signed anything with WSU yet, so I wasn't under any sort of contractual obligation yet. But, I'd told them I was accepting the position. As much as I'm interested in working with Schweitzer, I didn't feel it would be right to persue something so soon after accepting a posting. So, it looks like, starting November 1, I'll have a one-year posting at Washington State University, as a Programmer for the Registrar's Office.