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Blog Downtime

My webhost, who've I've always been really happy with in the past, made one hell of an error on my account over the weekend.

I run a Wiki for a forum I'm a member of, and we had an issue where a few of the tables had crashed beyond recovery. I'm unsure what happened, but attempts to it recover it all failed. My host said that there was a backup from Thursday morning of last week, and I asked him to apply it. I thought that meant just the database in question. He updated everything, causing me to lose the last two days worth of posts on this blog.

Worse, I also lost every last one of my databases. They were absolutely trashed by the rebuild. Unfortunately, I failed to backup everything recently, having depended on my hosting providers backup strategy. Luckily for my Wiki users, I had a month old backup of that database. Everything else, I had removed the backups not long ago. My failure completely.

I rebuild the Wiki, but I'm going to be taking a while to rebuild this site with all the old content, but I have it all, and it's all coming back. Save for the posts from Thursday and Friday of last week. If anyone has those, I'd really appreciate them.

Note: I'm not planning on updating the rest of this week. I've got 11 months worth of posts and comments I need to reintegrate into the database, as well as getting my Personal site back into Movable Type. To my usual readers, I apologize, but I'll be back online as soon as I can be.

Another Note: I've currently got all the archives except January through May 2008 up. I expect the archives will be done tomorrow (Wednesday)