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Whole Food Adventures: Farmer's Markets

I've mentioned the Moscow Farmer's Market here before, but while I've mentioned it, I've never really gone into detail about the value of the Farmer's Market.

Most communities have some form of Farmer's Market that runs for some period during the year. Here in the Moscow/Pullman area we're lucky enough to have one that runs from May through October. Millwood Presbyterian Church in the Spokane Valley has their own market that runs a similar time frame. And from what I understand, that is merely one of several markets available in the Spokane area.

Farmer's Markets serve several important roles. First, they provide a place for people who engage in Craft business to peddle their wares, like the Soap, but beyond that they provide a place for you to buy fruits and vegetables directly from growers. Often this food is certified organic, which frankly, I care little about, and even the stuff that isn't certified, often fits the definition of organic, the growers just don't want to be bothered with the paperwork.

I'd suggest going to your local market. We go almost every week, picking up a certain selection of standard sundry fruit and vegetables, and occasionally getting special goods (like the 25 pounds of peaches we bought a few weeks back. What's more, we've established who our favorite vendors are, so we know who to get to first, as they're quality and prices are the best.

The Farmer's Market allowed us to get our garden up and running at fairly low cost, and allows us to find high-quality produce at prices I wouldn't dream of seeing at any grocery store. Plus, you're buying local, which I don't think anyone would argue is a bad thing.