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The Return of Star Conquest

Five years ago, one of the greatest online games I've ever played. Star Conquest, will finally return. Sure, it's a text-based MOO, but it's got great depth, lots to do, and a stable advancement system that even allows new players a change to catch up with long-time players.

While the game had shut down five years ago, I hadn't played in at least a year prior to that due to a conflict with another player that had simply gone too far. I had always intended to return, but the situation was complicated, and I'm not going to go into it right now. Needless to say, the relaunch greatly excites me.

In the intervening years, the story has moved forward with Humanity being subjugated by an alien species known only as the "Outsiders". They'd been around in the old story, but had seemed to be background characters, in fact the only aliens I was ever a part of the a conflict with was the IFS (which I beleive stands for Intergalactic Federation of Species).

As part of the subjugation, Humanity had almost of their ships destroyed, their will broken, Humanity exists almost solely as production colonies for the Outsiders, with virtually no trade between worlds. This included almost completely destroying humanities capability for research. In the midst of the turmoil, a new Alliance formed, consisting of formerly Unregistered pilots. The Sovereign Mutuality of Disparate Freemen is an interesting new development, bringing new technology and places to the table.

Star Conquest isn't likely to be for everyone. The Hosts have assured us that the game will be strictly Roleplay enforced (there is an OOC communication mode, for certain use, and if two people want to have a private conversation OOC, as long as it's in a private place), which should do an excellent job of keeping people on focus and keep the game from falling apart, particularly since the game has fair rules for avoiding excessive bullshit. In keeping with the RP-heavy spirit, the game has a requirement that you submit a written history for your character before you're accepted as a Full pilot. Mine is probably excessive (it's 4k), but the requirement should set a good base level for player involvement.

The game officially launches on Saturday, though you can already log in now, by pointing your telnet (or MUD/MOO client) to port 7777. Create your character, fill out your profile, and wait for approval.

        6PM Game Time (7PM eastern, 4PM pacific, 12AM GMT): DOORS OPEN. Your character 
        can buy a ship and explore what the beta characters have been seeing. IF YOUR 
        PROFILE HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED BY THIS TIME, you may join as a cadet.
        8PM Game Time (9PM eastern, 6PM pacific, 2AM GMT): OPENING EVENT WILL BEGIN. 
        Your character should be in possession of a ship and ready for anything at 
        this time if you wish to participate!

If you're interested in a great role-playing experience, if you're ready to be the Catalyst to shrug off the oppressors of Humanity, you should definitely try out Star Conquest. The opening event promises to be a good time. And I'll be in as Caleb Tyrin, so don't be afraid to wave if you see me.