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Software Testing Club Magazine

The Software Testing Club, an organization I had never heard of before Ara Pulido who works for Canonical on the QA Team, mentioned it on her blog, recently released the first issue of the own Community Magazine. Having downloaded and read it over the last few days, I was pretty pleased with the content, and will likely continue to read, especially since my testing chops could use some improvement as I'm expected to be a developer and tester in my current position.

And I would argue that even developers not in dedicated test roles should read this magazine, since it provides good feedback, especially on bug reporting and the mechanisms (and importance) of testing. Unfortunately, the Magazine doesn't seem to have made any efforts to sort of bridge that gap between developers and testers. To be fair, it was written by people focusing on test, and developers have often been harsh toward testers, so I'm not necessarily blaming them for the making fun of developers that's done. I merely found it interesting how prevalent media around this conflict are.

The only real complaint I have with the magazine is that it does have some editing issue. Sentences getting cut off at page breaks, obvious typos, etc. I hope that the STC can improve their processes and put out a more polished community magazine in the future. Still, for a first effort it's a good read, and it has plenty of information I'm still mulling over.