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An Appeal for the EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is again doing a fund drive trying to bring in more money. This time, however, they're running a little contest. Whoever raises the most money for the EFF by June 30, 2010, will win two tickets to Defcon 18 this summer.

I'm a supporter of the EFF, because they work hard to protect rights that are important to me. I'm a blogger and a coder. I have interest in [maintaining fair Copyright], avoiding draconian surveillance, and fighting against the abuse of patents.

I'm not going to claim the EFF is perfect, but their work is mostly centered around ensuring that we use our technology for freedom instead of having it used against us, and issue deeply personal to me. Plus, I've always been heavily into information security, and would love to attend Defcon.

I would immensely appreciate if you, my reader, would be willing to donate even a few dollars to support the EFF, and potentially get me a trip to Defcon this year. Even if I don't win, the work the EFF will be able to do with even a small donation is important, and your tax-deductible donation would be a great help.

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