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Portland Code Camp 2010 - Intro to YUI3

This post will be going up almost exactly the time that I complete my Introduction to YUI3 talk at this year's Portland Code Camp. I want to thank everyone for joining me at this presentation, and I hope to see some of my attendees around the YUI community.

The sample application is based on a Django project for a simple checkin system. The code in it's completed state (at least, what I hope to complete) is up on github. Whatever I do complete tomorrow will be available as a 'portland2010' branch on that project after I present.

As a tool to help me complete the code in a reasonable time frame, I did create several snippets for the snipmate plugin for VIM, which I think are compatible with TextMate's plugin system.

Either way, I encourage the YUI community to fork the gist linked above and I'll gladly merge in additional snippets.

I'll post more of a post-mortem about the presentation next week. Also, I am planning to prepare a more advanced YUI3 presentation for the Palouse Code Camp that I helping organize for September.