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The Clintons - Live at Johnstone

Well, The Clintons Concert was on Thursday, and we had about 150 people pack into the Johnstone Lobby for the show, a good number of which probably weren’t familiar with the Clintons before this concert.

True to form, the Clintons put on a really fun, energetic show. They played pretty much everything from their as-yet-unreleased album, and it’s sounding like it will be really good. In addition they played a lot of their older stuff which is really good. Of course, some of the best stuff was from the wacky stories and stuff the guys told during the show.

After the show, I got a bit of a chance to talk to John McLellan, the Lead Singer of the Clintons. It’s pretty cool, because John recognizes me, because I’ve been to a lot of their shows over the years, so we got to chatting about a few things. This new ablum (which will be released in Bozeman on December 1st) was completely done by the guys. They recorded and mixed everything on their own, and from what John says, it sounds professionally done. Definitely looking forward to grabbing this new EP.

Unfortunately, school work kept me from going to the after-show party at Colombo’s, so I wasn’t able to catch that, but I am definitely going to the EP Release show on December 1st at the Emerson Cultural Center, even if it requires skipping Interhall that night.

Hooray for Free Concerts!

The Clintons have offered to play a free Concert in the Residence Halls sponsored by Interhall RHA. They just want to come play an acoustic concert, and it won’t cost us a dime (outside of advertising, of course). For those of you who don’t know about the Clintons, they began as a local band in Bozeman, and have become something of a regular around the Pacific Northwest. They’re great, and any of you people in the Bozeman area need to come, I’ll post date/time stuff once we have it set.

Spookhouse Kicked Ass


So, we had the IRHA Spoookhouse yesterday, and it was amazing. All the halls (save North Hedges, bad Mo, very very bad) had really cool rooms, and people who were excited about staffing them all night. There was a bit of stress as we prepared to get started, with performers not showing up until the last minute, However, we had our first tour going through shortly after 8:00, so we weren’t very late. We had a line running across the street to Herrick Hall all night, so we did end up running until about 11:15, a bit later than planned.

However, we managed to put over 500 people through the Spookhouse and raise over $260.00 dollars for Family Outreach. All in all, a huge success for Interhall RHA.

The tour began with Hapner Hall’s creepy clown exhibit. Starting out with a couple of girls dressed like 5 year olds or so, and talking about how they couldn’t wait to see the clowns. Next, was a clown standing in a room, third was a clown eating some ‘intestines’ with plenty of screaming. Across the hall from them, was South Hedges, with a guy being hung, several dead, bloody people in Rags, and a TV down a hall with an hour and a half long video one of the guys had done with static and several images, like the bomb hitting Hiroshima, and a guy would hop up and scare them while they viewed the video.

Next, we had Langford Hall, with the “Ferret! Genetic Research Facility” which featured bars on all the rooms, and one room where ‘monster’ would attack a researcher, and then escape, sometimes grabbing a plant. Next was the Quads. A Lycra screen streched across a door matched the wall rather well, and the Laundry Monster caught a lot of people off guard. Finally, one of the rooms had one of their residents screaming from the side to save him, as he pulled himself in. One in, he hid, and a video of him being trapped in the TV was played. Very good.

Hannon Hall had a Black Death themed room, and Roskie had a Creepy Christmas including a crazed, murderous Santa. I didn’t get a good look at either of these rooms. Mullan had a maniac with a Drill and a man being killed with a bunch of slaughtered baby dolls. North had an unmanned Snow White exhibit, and an all white room with people to step out and say “BOO”.

Finally, Johnstone had a room they took the idea for from SAW. They stretched ‘razorwire’ all over the room, and tied a few of their residents up, and covered them in fake blood. To light it, they used two strobe lights at slightly different frequencies to add to the effect. All in all, it was awesome, and caused them to win the best room. I don’t know who got second or third best.

Great night. If you came, thank you. If you didn’t, well you definately missed out.

Hooray for the Judicial System

In the RHA, I am the Vice President of Personnel, which basically means that in addition the taking over the President’s “Job” when she can’t do it, I also lay the smack down on MSU IRHA Officers who aren’t pulling their own weight, and chair the Judicial Appeals Board.

The Residence Hall Judicial System here at Montana State University is interesting in that the students have a HUGE say in how Judicial situations are handled. Between the Hall Judicial Boards which first hear and decide on cases and sanctioning, and the Interhall Appeals Board, we get a lot of opportunity to help sculpt and shape the disciplinary policy for the Res Halls here at MSU. Sure, we have to work within the Universities system, but it is still a great opporunity.

Anyway, tonight we had our first meeting of the Appeals Board, and while a few of the VPs weren’t there, it went really well. We had some good discussion, and came to what I feel were fair decisions. A few of the people I was unsure about, I’m not so much anymore. For a bunch of Freshman these guys were really on top of things, and were pretty sure about what we were doing, I’m happy.